Cross-vCenter NSX – Part 2

Welcome back! In part one we prepared the management and control plane for cross-vCenter NSX. In this part we're going to deploy the data plane for the East-West traffic in a cross-vCenter NSX environment. Universal logical switch We start by deploying logical switching between our two fictional sites "DC-SE" and "DC-US". To accomplish this we … Continue reading Cross-vCenter NSX – Part 2

Cross-vCenter NSX – Part 1

One of those scenarios where the NSX platform really shines is in multi-site environments. Here NSX together with vSphere is the infrastructure that delivers on business requirements like workload mobility, resource pooling, and consistent security. Since NSX version 6.2 we can roll out NSX in a vSphere environment managed by more than one vCenter system. … Continue reading Cross-vCenter NSX – Part 1


3V0-643 is the exam code for the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Network Virtualization Deployment Exam. I recently passed this exam and thought I'd write a short blog post about it. About the exam The exam preparation guide for this exam contains the following description:" The 3VO-643 exam tests candidates on their skills and abilities … Continue reading 3V0-643

Site-to-site IPsec VPN with NSX

With NSX Data Center for vSphere establishing site-to-site IPsec VPN connections is done on the Edge instances. One X-Large ESG instance supports up to 6000 IPsec tunnels which gives you an idea about scalability. In this exercise I'll show you how to configure a site-to-site IPsec VPN connection between two sites that are both using … Continue reading Site-to-site IPsec VPN with NSX

Equal Cost Multi-Pathing in NSX Data Center

By deploying multiple ESG appliances and enabling Equal Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) on the Distributed Logical Router (DLR), NSX Data Center provides scalability and redundancy for northbound traffic in our SDDC. Setting up ECMP in NSX Data Center is fairly easy. Let me show you. The diagram A high level overview of the NSX infrastructure for … Continue reading Equal Cost Multi-Pathing in NSX Data Center

NSX: Bridging between VXLAN and VLAN

After you prepared your vSphere clusters for VXLAN you're eager to start building your SDDC network. You provision some logical switches, a distributed logical router and maybe even an edge services gateway. Before you know it you are doing full-fledged network virtualization. It's simple enough, right? But then you realize you still have other virtual … Continue reading NSX: Bridging between VXLAN and VLAN